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A crematorium can serve as the venue for the main funeral ceremony or solely for the final committal following a ceremony held elsewhere.

Use our staff’s knowledge of the local crematoria and others in the wider region to find the most fitting venue for your family.

If the funeral ceremony has been conducted elsewhere a family will may invite everyone to attend or elect representatives to accompany the coffin to the crematorium or entrust our staff alone with this final escort duty.

We are happy to discuss alternatives for this parting ritual

Where the chosen crematorium is also going to be the final resting place for your loved one’s remains then we can advise you on the interment options offered there, for example burial plots, mausoleum niches or scattering in their garden of remembrance.

The Placement of Ashes

Cremated remains, or ashes, allow a family to select more than one interment method or remembrance option and so find the perfect combination for them. These include:

  • Scattering in a garden of remembrance or other location;
  • Dispersal from the air or by firework;
  • Interment in a cemetery or woodland burial ground;
  • Burial or scattering in water;
  • Memorial urns for the home;
  • Keepsakes and memorial jewellery including conversion into a diamond;

Cremation allows you to select any or all of these options to create a number of truly personal remembrance focal points, offering comfort to whole families and individual family members alike.

Together we can find the right vessels, rituals and locations to reflect the life lived, the relationships shared and the desire for closeness during the grief journey.

Speak to us about your wishes and our expert staff will be pleased to advise and support you

As it may take time to make decisions about the perfect memorial we offer all of our families a Memorial Dedication Service to mark this special moment.

About Melia Powell & Family Funeral Directors

We offer affordable excellence. That means we will really listen to your needs, advise and guide you, and provide you with the very best funeral care you need at a family affordable price.

We are a Christian family yet celebrate diversity and are very experienced at celebrating the life of someone irrespective of any or no religious beliefs.

Finally, whatever service or style of funeral is right for you, we guarante to make it perfect for you on the day. Nothing is too much trouble and we will carry you through all your difficult times.

Testimonials & Reviews

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Dear Brian,

Just a quick email to congratulate you and your team, for what I perceived to be a thoroughly professional and well executed funeral yesterday - it was exceptionally well organised, there was real care and commitment evident, and you were all a pleasure to work with!

Many thanks and well done... You are all welcome back anytime.


Garry H

Revd Garry AF Hinchcliffe
Team Rector of Knaresborough & AsstDDO

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